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About Me

I am a solo developer who goes by Riceball Friend. With experience in software engineering and a passion for game development, I am now focusing my career on the gaming industry.

My journey has taken me through various projects, each contributing to my growth and knowledge. Some have reached completion, while others have served as learning experiences. This website showcases my dedication, reflecting my aspiration to create my own entertainment studio.

My expertise includes working with Unity and Gamemaker Studio, with some experience in Unreal Engine, Godot, and Android Studio. I'm proficient in Python, PHP, C++, C#, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML5, and CSS, and Docker. I've also served as a scrum master in a development team.

Feel free to reach out to me through the contact page. I'm open to collaboration and exploring new opportunities in the gaming world. (Please note that I don't have my contact information public here to minimize unsolicited calls.)