Design Sensibility & Client Relations

Underlines my aesthetic sensibility and client relations acumen, emphasizing my commitment to meeting project expectations.

EV Chauffeur

I designed and programmed the original website for EV Chauffeur, a sophisticated platform to support my client's electric vehicle chauffeur business. Initially, we planned to include advanced features like an interactive scheduling calendar, but due to my transition into a full-time role, those additional elements remained unrealized. While others have made subsequent changes to the site, leading to its current appearance, you can still glimpse my foundational design at Alongside the website, I created a business card to complement the brand. This project demonstrates my ability to design adaptable, user-focused solutions and my commitment to aligning with clients' specific needs and goals.

Business Card Front

Front of the EV Chauffeur Business Card

Business Card Back

Back of the EV Chauffeur Business Card