Full Stack Development

Exemplifies my adeptness at full stack development, utilizing Python, Docker, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This project encapsulates server management, backend database operation, and API implementation.

Old School Texting Potential Logo

Old School Texting

A simple and effective platform to schedule text announcements for communities, organizations, and groups. No fuss, just easy communication.

About Old School Texting

Old School Texting was created to meet the specific needs of a local community group that faced challenges in making announcements efficiently. It's designed to cater to everyone, including those who prefer straightforward solutions.


We're excited to announce that Old School Texting is in the final phase of early development and is currently undergoing approval. Thank you for your patience.

How It Works


Text follow, subscribe, or join to 888-299-2494, and include your organization's handle. You will receive a confirmation message.


Text unfollow or unsubscribe to stop receiving text announcements.

Stay Updated

Once subscribed, receive text announcements at the designated times set by your organization.

Ready to simplify your communication? Try Old School Texting now or contact us for more information.